Getty’s Motor Repair

In order to keep your down time to a minimum and save you money, each Gettys motor repair includes the following extra services:

• Getty’s SEM brand motor service available
• PC based OEM drives and controls
• Closed loop DC tach feedback testing
• Resolver testing and alignment to factory specifications
• Copper windings and class H insulation materials

We also stock a full inventory of OEM servo motor parts including OEM resolvers, brakes, etc. Rush delivery service on your repairs is also available. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more information on how we can be your #1 source for Gettys motor repair.


Getty’s D/C motors in for repair.



Gettys D/C magnet shells use alnico magnets which are very cheap and very prone to remagnetization.  Servo can remagnetize Gettys magnet shells but this picture indicates what happens to the magnets during the process.  Due to contamination, heat and age magnet pieces develop hairline cracks in them or blow up during remagnetization.  In this case, a whole new magnet shell must be purchased and used – obviously a more expensive repair.



Rebuilt Getty’s/Modicon 16-series D/C servo motor.



Rebuilt to new Gettys M235 series D/C servo motor



Back driving a Modicon 121 series (S76D) AC servo motor: “M Set” of the resolver.



Servo has the M set procedures for aligning the resolver on the 121 series as well as S63, S76 etc. series AC servo motors.  Servo uses Modicon drives to final test their Modicon repairs in the factory closed loop system.