Mavilor Servo Motor Repair

In order to keep your down time to a minimum and save you money, each of our Mavilor motors are repaired with the following extra services:

• Propietary design tooling and fixtures
• M.P.C. magnetization machines and fixtures
• Propietary magnetization procedures
• Rebuilt to meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications

We also stock a full inventory of Mavilor MO and MS series parts including an ample stock of MSA22 series AC servo motor parts, including resolvers and windings. Rush delivery service on your repairs is also available. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more information on how we can repair your Mavilor motors.


Pile of MO4500 motors in for repair.  Due to fragile nature of these motors, extreme care must be taken with handling and packaging.  This is a no-no.



Rebuilt MO-4500 motors.



Mavilor MO-4500 exploded view.



Servo can repair this MO7002 series motor as well as MO10001 series.



SMD’s own proprietary design remagnetizing machine. Every Mavilor motor model’s parameters are programmed into the computer. Special sequence, voltage, current, etc. required for every model series motor – MO4500 motor being de-magged.



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