Our Background


Quality and Reliability

Servo is a highly trained group of employees whose dedication and motivation is the repair of specific brands of servo and spindle motor, and their associated electronics.

Servo has done extensive research and development on servo and spindle motor repair technology since our start in 1988. In its ISO procedures, we have perfected stringent, critical pass/fail testing that meets or exceeds OEM specifications. After repairing 40,000+ servo and spindle motors of the most popular brands used by industry today, Servo has become the premier supplier in North America. We perform repairs for such companies as ThyssenKrupp, Honda, BorgWarner, SKF, and Nissan.

Servo has built its reputation on quality, reliability, and integrity. We only service what we advertise, which means we have original factory test equipment, documentation, quality repair procedures, and OEM parts inventory. We are so up front about our capabilities, we even tell you what we do not service.

Servo is not a 50-60% cost-of-new repair shop. We use our unique ABCD quotation system, a “we only charge you for what’s wrong” pricing system that shows the customer exactly what is wrong with the motor as well as explain its cost.

Servo backs up their quotation with a service report filled out by the repair technician, which is delivered to the contact of your choice the same day the repair is sent back to your company.

At Servo, we do it right the first time. You’ll receive fast, reliable communication from our knowledgeable personnel. Call us today with your inquiry. We look forward to serving you.