Servo Seal


Unrivaled protection for your servo and spindle motors

Most servo and spindle motors are not rated to run in a corrosive coolant environment. Many have open style connectors or various ports of entry that allow contaminants to enter the motor.

In 1997 Servo Motors & Drives perfected their ServoSealtm system, a sealing system designed to prevent coolant from entering servo and spindle motors. Since then, we have “ServoSealed” 2000+ servo and spindle motors operating in some of the harshest CNC environments, providing our customers with extended UPTIME on their CNC machines.

While we do provide our ServoSealTM protection primarily on Fanuc motors, we can seal many brands of servo or spindle motors such as Siemens and Indramat. Servo even provides their ServoSealTM on new motors, especially for machine tool original equipment manufacturers. Send us your new Fanuc servo or spindle motor and let us seal it for you. It is very affordable with very short processing time.

ServoSealtm is your answer for environmental and application problems. We are about SOLUTIONS that will provide you with UPTIME!! Let us show you how you can prevent premature failures.

Examples of Fanuc servo motors with various options – No sealed connectors or any environmental protection.


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