Servo Motors & Drives

Rebuilding servo & spindle motors, drives, and pendants of some of the most popular manufactures in the industry, including Fanuc, Siemens, Indramat, ABB, Mavilor, Kollmorgen, and more. 50,000+ rebuilds and counting. View our line card below.

We're not your local EASA shop; testing is always performed with OEM equipment and equivalent standards without the OEM price tag. You will not find a generic black box tester in our shop. Servo technology is special due to feedback commutation. Your motor, drive, or pendant rebuild is a test run just like you use it in the field. In fact, if we can't do it right, we'd rather not do it at all. Of course, we always recommend any best alternative options, so never hesitate to inquire.

Complete refurbishment at non-blanket pricing. We are not a flat rate shop; we quote after inspection based on the severity of the failure. So you only pay for what is wrong—fixing the root cause of failure plus taking care of any preventive maintenance. Rebuilding wear and tear items like brakes and tachometers, machining shafts and flanges with chrome or steel, and performing component upgrades to your drives. All backed by a one-year warranty from installation.

Holding ourselves accountable by maintaining ISO9001:2015 certification means you can be assured we are aware of all the details. Just like any successful manufacturer, our processes and procedures have been proven through testing and repeatability. Critical pass/fail measures such as BEMF (back electromotive force), brake torque, stator ohm readings, and journal/housing measurements will not only be documented on service reports but recorded inbound and out.

Experience matters. 30+ years in a business generates not just skilled technicians but also cultivates solutions that work. Have a Fanuc motor that fails prematurely due to environmental contamination? Our Servo Seal process provides longevity to motor life cycles at a fraction of the OEM cost. Facing costly and unsafe work environments at your robot cell due to tangled haphazard cable? Inquire about our Robot Reel. Need a rebuild done fast due to a critical machine down? We don't charge extra for rush service.